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More about chargers for electric cars

01. January 2022

More about chargers for electric cars

Home chargers

An average car is not actually being used for 90% of its life. With our home chargers, you can use this time to your advantage. Energiapartner OÜ will help you in choosing, purchasing, and installing a home charger. All our home chargers are future proof and even meet bidirectional charging requirements (ISO15118, etc.)

Stages for installing a home charger:
1. Quotation
2. Consultation
3. Quote
4. Contract
5. Design and installation
6. Carefree charging

We will find the best charging station for your car and lifestyle. Whether you need to store excess solar energy directly in the car or charge a building or network using an electric car.

All our charging stations are smart and equipped with various accessories, such as smart load balancing, versatile online capability (4G, Wifi, Ethernet), security (leakage current detection, etc.)

We offer home chargers for both wall and ground solutions and, if necessary, for street furniture (lamp posts, junction boxes).

Public and semi-public chargers

Public chargers are designed for public places such as shopping centres and public parking spaces. Reliability and ease of use are of particular importance for public chargers.

Semi-public charger solutions are primarily designed for places with specific users. These include, for example, apartment buildings and commercial premises.

All our chargers are based on the OCPP protocol to offer flexibility and security for our customers. As a back office, we work with experts in their field whose software, together with the best chargers on the market, ensures a 100% managed system from start to finish. A public charger or network built by us allows you to:

  • make payments (RFID, app, debit card, credit card)
  • enjoy seamless billing
  • use roaming service with the largest service providers in Europe
  • manage the charging network (pricing, diagnostics, maintenance)
  • continuously analyse the charging network
  • enjoy V2G-enabled smart charging
  • manage load dynamically

Fast chargers

The charging capacities of fast chargers are between 50–350 kW (direct current) and they are mainly installed near highways. Parallels can be drawn with regular gas stations, where the keywords are availability and speed.

Since the capacities of fast chargers are much larger than those of AC chargers, it is critically important to have the capacity available. To compensate for decreased capacities, we offer renewable energy solutions (PV power plants) and storage technologies.

Design / analysis of cost efficiency

Every proper charging station requires a design phase For regular home chargers, a construction note and changes to the utility systems are generally sufficient; however, we can also help with the building permit and approvals for larger projects.

Do you have any questions? Great! Contact our specialists who can find an answer to everything!

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