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Autonomous solar power station in Harju County

01. January 2022

Autonomous solar power station in Harju County

Due to climate change, we are experiencing more and more stormy days in Estonia. As a result, we must prepare for grid failures and other unexpected events in the rural areas. One solution to protect your household from power outages is an autonomous solar power system.

As far as we know, we are the only company in Estonia that has managed to create solar power systems that can detach from the building’s grid during a grid failure and keep running autonomously. At the same time, such systems can be used to store cheap energy from the grid at night and use it during daytime when electricity is more expensive.

We built a solar power station like this in Kuusalu in the summer of 2020. In terms of network connection, the customer’s property was at the end of the line in the woods and grid failures were therefore frequent. We built a system consisting of Fronius inverters (2 x 20 kW Symo and 1 x 10kW Gen24), Longi bifacial 440 W solar panels, and ground frames for the bifacial panels (Corab 4 x landscape). The advantage of Corab ground frames is that they create minimal shade on the back of the panel and have durable Magnelis coating. 11 kWh battery pack by BYD helps balance the entire system.

If you also experience grid failures or want to make your current solar plant autonomous, contact the specialists of Energiapartner OÜ!

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