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Electric vehicle chargers

We know that the most convenient place for charging your electric vehicleis your home. Our home EV chargers are characterised by elegant design, well-considered functionality, ease of use, and, of course, safety. Energiapartner offers home EV chargers in a range of capacities. They are based on smart cutting-edge technologies and even meet bidirectional charging requirements.

Electric vehicle chargers

Choosing a home EV charger

We can design a charging station that is tailored to the needs of both you and your car. With our solutions, you can store excess solar energy directly in your vehicle, if you wish, or send energy from your vehicle to the grid. Our electric vehicle charging stations are equipped with various extra functionalities, such as dynamic load management (DLM), internet connectivity (4G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet), and safety systems (leakage current detection, etc.). Our range of charging equipment includes wall-mounted chargers, freestanding chargers, and integrated chargers.

Process for ordering a home EV charger

  1. Price enquiry: send us an enquiry, indicating where and for which car you want to set up the charger.
  2. Consultation: relying on our expertise, we will provide you with solid advice and reliable recommendations.
  3. Quote: we will provide you with a quote – rest assured that our chargersare characterised by an excellent price-to-quality ratio.
  4. Signing of a contract: we will make the necessary agreements in writingand sign them.
  5. Design and installation: we will do what we do best.
  6. Charging your electric vehicle: you can proceed to enjoy convenient and worry-free charging every day.

Electric car chargers

Our main EV-chargers for private customers

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Electric car chargers
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