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Electric vehicle charging stations

Using our charging stations is easy and convenient for every electric vehicle owner. The chargers are reliable, safe and equipped with smart technology. Thanks to modern software, you can easily manage your electric car charging stations and networks and make it work to your advantage in a cost-effective way. If you want to create a smart and flexible charging network that is tailored to your individual needs, Energiapartner is the right choice for you.

Electric vehicle charging stations

Electric vehicle charging stations for businesses

Our public electric vehicle charging networks are characterised by reliability and ease of use. We can set up EV charging stations intended for public use at shopping malls, public car parks, and other similar locations. We also offer charging points with restricted access, e.g. for company employees, residents of a specific apartment building, or other select users.

Rapid chargers for electric vehicles

Our rapid chargers are characterised by ease of use and rapid charging. Rapid charges can be set up at petrol stations, along highways, or next to shopping malls or car parks. The charging capacities of our rapid chargersrange from 50 to 350 kW (DC). For rapid chargers, the availability of sparecapacity is critical. To compensate for capacities, we offer renewable energy solutions (PV power plants) and storage technologies.


Energiapartner can also help you with the design of electric vehicle charging stations, including obtaining the necessary building permits and approvals. We will always do our best to design an EV charging network that is tailored to the needs of your business. In addition, we will make sure that your EV charging station project has a reasonable payback time and benefits both you and the electric vehicle owners who will be using your charging station.

Charging station functions

  • Convenient in-app, card, or credit card payments (incl. contactless)
  • Europe-wide roaming service
  • Charging network management (pricing, diagnostics, maintenance) and analysis
  • V2G-enabled smart charging
  • Dynamic charging load management
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