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Electric vehicle chargers

Using our charging stations is easy and convenient for every electric vehicle owner. The chargers are reliable, safe and equipped with smart technology. Thanks to modern software, you can easily manage your electric car charging stations and networks and make it work to your advantage in a cost-effective way. If you want to create a smart and flexible charging network that is tailored to your individual needs, Energiapartner is the right choice for you.

Electric vehicle chargers

Charge with Energiapartner

Our public electric car charging network is characterized by reliability and ease of use!

We set up electric car charging stations for everyone’s use, for example, near shopping centers or public parking lots. It is also possible to set up charging points with a limited user base, intended only for employees of a specific company, residents of apartment buildings, or other selected users.

The capacities of our chargers:


Semi-fast chargers


Quick chargers


Super fast chargers

Fast chargers for electric cars

Our chargers are powerful and affordable

The charging capacities of fast chargers range from 50 to 350 kW, and AC chargers from 11 to 22 kW.

Turnkey charging stations

We support you in the design, construction, building permit and approvals of the charging station. If necessary, we help make the charger public with our partners.

Reasonable payback period and solution

We stand for your electric car charging station with a reasonable payback period and a suitable technical solution.

Main installation locations

Commercial real estate

In shopping centers, production buildings, company parking lots and other buildings.

Apartment association

In terraced houses to multi-storey apartment buildings.

Public chargers

Mainly in gas stations, shopping centers and parking lots.

More about our chargers

Energiapartner offers business customers electric car chargers from 2020. We do our best to design an electric car charging network that takes into account the needs of your business. Our chargers enable the following:

Convenient payments in the app, by card or credit card (including contactless)

Roaming service all over Europe

Charging network management (pricing, diagnostics, maintenance) and analysis

Smart charging with V2X capabilities

Dynamic Load Load Management (DLM)

Option to add ads (screens, logos, banners)

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