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Energy labels

The energy label of a building indicates its energy efficiency class. We have performed countless energy-efficiency modelling jobs and are available to properly analyse or forecast the energy consumption figures of your building. With Energiapartner, you can be sure that your energy label documentation will be completed quickly and reliably. Energy labels are valid for 10 years.

Energy labels

For planned buildings

We can help you devise an energy-efficient building by establishing its energy efficiency figures during the design stage. Before the start of the design work, we will perform the necessary calculations and identify the best solution for insulation, heating, and ventilation, as well as for a potential solar panel system, including its energy output and payback period.

For existing buildings

For existing buildings, an energy label is required in certain cases provided by law and for purchase, sale, and lease transactions. We can analyse the energy consumption figures of the building and issue an energy label quickly and reliably.

Building energy-efficiency class

The energy label documentation of a building states how much energy is used to heat the building, heating water, supplying electricity, etc. Energy labels rate the energy consumption of a building in terms of a set of classes from A to G. The highest energy efficiency classes are A and B, while the lowest are F and G. The higher the energy efficiency class, the less money is spent on energy.

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