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Energy label and audit

The energy label indicates the energy efficiency class of the building. We have prepared numerous energy efficiency models for both planned and existing buildings, and will analyse or estimate the energy consumption indicators of your building with our well-known thoroughness. You can be sure that the energy label prepared by us will be issued quickly and reliably and will be valid for 10 years.

Energy label and audit

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Energy label

When planning new buildings, we help the developer, architect, and designer right from the planning or sketch project stage. We perform dynamic simulations with a 3D model program (IDA ICE) before creating the energy label, so that all energy efficiency indicators are already known when we start designing. In this way, the later cost of the redesign is reduced.

More about energy labeling

We help you plan an energy-efficient building by determining energy efficiency indicators already in the design phase

Before starting the design work, we make the necessary calculations and find the best solution for the insulation, heating, ventilation and possible solar panel system of the completed building with energy production and payback period.

We familiarize ourselves with the building's energy consumption indicators and issue the energy label quickly and professionally.

Existing buildings require an energy label in cases provided by law and in the case of purchase, sale or rental transactions.

The energy label document states how much energy is used for building heating, water heating, electricity, etc.

Energy Audit

We perform energy audits of buildings and cost-effectiveness analyses to find suitable energy-saving measures. Our field of activity is from residential to commercial buildings.

In the case of existing buildings, a detailed energy audit helps to determine the areas of higher energy consumption and the most cost-effective energy-saving measures.

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