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Solar panels

The installation of solar panels will immediately reduce your electricity bills. Since part of the electricity is generated from sunlight, the amount of electricity you need to purchase decreases. This will also lower the network charge. In addition, you can sell any excess power to the grid. We can help you with calculating the profitability of your solar power station and with planning, designing, building and maintaining it. We also offer energy storage systems that improve the profitability of the solar power station.

Solar panels

Save on electricity bills

The solar plant saves you money on energy costs from day one. Solar batteries reduce the electricity bill by up to 100%.

Solar panels are a simple and reliable way to produce your own electricity and sell the remaining electricity to the grid!


Lower electricity bills

Cost-effective and reliable

The payback period for deploying solar panels is generally about 7 years. Profitability is achieved thanks to unpurchased electricity (including network service fees, electricity excise duty, and renewable energy fees) and electricity sold to the grid. Solar panels are the most maintenance-free renewable energy solution with a useful life of 25-30 years.

Renewable energy is the energy of the future

Produce your own environmentally friendly energy and share your solar energy with others by selling it to the grid. In this way, you contribute to preserving the living environment of yourself and your children and do good to the world.

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Full-service solution

You can completely entrust the creation of a solar energy solution to us with peace of mind. We plan a well-thought-out solution with a good payback period, design expertly, install solar panels and also ensure the necessary maintenance. We also provide advice and help in applying for grants and obtaining approvals.

Solar experts

The core of Energiapartner includes solar energy experts with extensive experience. We have been offering solar solutions since 2012, making us one of the first pioneers of renewable energy. In addition to solar panels, we also offer energy storage solutions and car chargers that increase the profitability of the solar energy system.

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