Energy storage systems

Storage technologies for domestic and commercial use

01. January 2022

Storage technologies for domestic and commercial use

Batteries for domestic use

Use your stored energy in a variety of ways:

  • Adding a battery to your home solar power station reduces your dependence on the grid and enables you to use the stored solar energy when the sun is not shining. A home storage system also allows you to fully charge batteries during periods of low network tariff and cheap electricity and then use it during the expensive peak hours in the morning, for example.
  • A solar power system that is equipped with a battery allows you to secure your home against grid failures. The system automatically detects a failure, disconnects from the grid, and consumers in your home will start to receive energy from the battery and sun through a hybrid inverter.

Batteries for commercial use

Battery storage systems are well suited for storing energy during cheap tariff and electricity price periods and using this energy at a more expensive time, either for own consumption or selling it to the grid.

The batteries also enable the possibility to store the renewable energy produced to use it on site at a later time. The energy stored in batteries can be used to mitigate consumption peaks and thereby reduce costs on the main fuse and grid.

A storage system with batteries also enables you to ensure energy supply in the case of grid failures or to create a fully autonomous system.

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