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Energy storage systems

With an energy storage system, you can manage your electricity consumption and improve the profitability of your power grid. Whether your goal is selling electricity, creating an independent power grid or balancing electricity consumption, Energiapartner helps you devise an energy solution that meets your needs. We offer cutting-edge energy storage solutions to improve solar energy systems and buffer the energy for EV chargers, as well as independent solutions.

Energy storage systems

From 2022, our company has increased by Storagepartner OÜ, which does business with energy storage systems for business customers. With batteries, we make your solar plants more efficient, balance energy consumption, provide security of supply and make your battery systems generate income!


Installed capacity

Increase the efficiency of your energy system

Battery storage technologies improve the efficiency of solar power plants by storing excess energy in batteries. In turn, the stored energy can be used in the evening and at night. In winter, when the sun is not shining, due to fluctuations in stock exchange prices, for example, cheaper energy at night can be stored in the batteries and used during the day when the price is more expensive or sold to the grid. In addition, we can offer participation with batteries in reserve markets.

Achieve independence

The energy storage system helps ensure energy supply even during a grid outage. A diesel generator can be added to the battery, which ensures the supply of electricity even when the sun is not shining or the battery is empty. Solar power plants and battery banks working in parallel with the diesel generator in turn reduce the fuel consumption of the diesel generator. This results in lower electricity costs, an independent power grid, and maximum security of supply.

Buffer the energy of electric car chargers

Since the capacities of fast chargers are much higher than those of AC chargers, the availability of free capacity is critical. In order to compensate for capacities and ensure the security of supply, we offer battery banks with a total of up to several MWh, which buffer energy for EV chargers in case of a smaller network connection.

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