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Energy storage systems

With an energy storage system, you can manage your electricity consumption and improve the profitability of your power grid. Whether your goal is selling electricity, creating an independent power grid or balancing electricity consumption, Energiapartner helps you devise an energy solution that meets your needs. We offer cutting-edge energy storage solutions to improve solar energy systems and buffer the energy for EV chargers, as well as independent solutions.

Energy storage systems

Save money

Energy storage systems enable users to store generated solar energy during periods of low energy prices and use it or sell it to the grid during periods of high energy prices. Storing energy in batteries helps to balance electricity consumption and reduce main fuse and network costs.

Achieve energy independence

Battery energy storage systems enable you to set up an independent power grid. An energy storage system ensures supply even during grid failures. The battery comes with a diesel generator to ensure that you have power even when the sun is not shining or the battery is empty. All this combined provides you with lower electricity costs, an independent power grid, and maximum security of supply.

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