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Solar energy

Solar energy is the energy of the future, enabling you to save money and protect the environment while generating your own power. Our highly experienced experts can assist you with everything, from designing and constructing the perfect solar energy solution for you, to keeping it running smoothly. Energiapartner creates well-designed solar parks, tailored to your particular needs, with a satisfactory payback period.

Solar energy

Save money on electricity

Intelligent use of solar energy lowers your energy bills, whether set up in an apartment building, a commercial building, or a production facility. Solar panels can reduce electricity bills by up to 100%. With solar, you save on network charges, excise duties, as well as renewable energy charges. Solar panels are an easy and reliable way to generate your own power and use it profitably.

Invest in your building

Installing solar panels is a risk-free investment that will increase the value of your property in more than one way. Solar panels are the most affordable way to raise a building’s energy efficiency class and the easiestway to generate renewable energy yourself. Investing in solar panels ensures stable and reliable returns. Solar panels increase the value of realestate – among other things, buildings equipped with solar panels sell faster than traditionally powered buildings.

Protect the natural environment

Renewable energy is the energy of the future, which no business will soon be able to do without. Generate your own green energy and share your solar energy with others by selling it to the grid. By doing this, you will help preserve the environment for your children and gain recognition as a responsible company that cares about the world.

Cost-effective and reliable

The payback time of setting up solar panels is generally 7–12 years. This is achieved through both avoiding the purchase of electricity (incl. network charges, excise duty on electricity, and renewable energy charges) and selling electricity to the grid. Solar panels are the least maintenance-intensive renewable energy solution and have a useful life of 25–30 years.

Why choose Energiapartner?

Solar energy experts

Energiapartner’s team consists of highly experienced solar energy experts. We have been offering solar solutions since 2012 and can thus claim a position as a pioneer in the field of renewable energy. To complement your solar power plant and increase the profitability of the system, we also offer energy storage solutions and electric vehicle chargers. In 2020 alone, Energiapartner installed solar power plants with a total capacity of more than 10 MW in Estonia.

Full-service solution

By entrusting the creation of your solar energy solution to us, you can rest easy. Our team will devise a well-thought-out solution with a satisfactory payback period, design all aspects by relying on our industry expertise, build a power plant outfitted with high-quality equipment, set it up, and even provide all necessary maintenance services. In addition, we can help you apply for grants and obtain any necessary approvals.

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