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Solar energy

Solar panels are a simple and reliable way to generate electricity and use it profitably while also keeping the natural environment safe. This is an investment for the future that will significantly increase the value of your property. Our experts with considerable experience will support you in designing, constructing and maintaining the most suitable solar solution.

Solar energy

Save on electricity bills

Thoughtful use of solar energy saves you money on the energy costs of an apartment building, commercial building, or production unit. Solar panels reduce the electricity bill by up to 100%.


Installed power


Produced energy


CO2 avoided

Invest in your building

Installing solar panels is a risk-free investment that increases the value of your property in many different ways.

Affordable choice

Solar panels are the most affordable way to increase the building's energy class and the easiest way to produce renewable energy.

Guaranteeed return

Investment in solar panels ensures a solid and stable return.

Asset price growth

Solar panels increase the price of real estate - buildings equipped with solar panels sell faster.

Save the natural environment

Environmentally friendly energy

Renewable energy is the energy of the future, which soon no company will be able to exist without. Produce your own environmentally friendly energy and share your solar energy with others by selling it to the grid.

Responsible company

By using solar energy, you contribute to preserving the living environment of yourself and your children and earn recognition as a responsible company that cares about the world.

Cost-effective and reliable

The payback period for solar panels is generally 3-6 years. Profitability is achieved thanks to unpurchased electricity (including network service fees, electricity excise duty, and renewable energy fees) and electricity sold to the grid. Solar panels are the most maintenance-free renewable energy solution with a useful life of 25-30 years.

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More about Energiapartner

Energiapartner has solar energy experts with extensive experience. We have been offering solar solutions since 2012, making us one of the first pioneers of renewable energy. Installing solar panels is a risk-free investment that increases the value of your property in many different ways.

50+MW installed

Installed in 5+ countries.

Solar energy experts

In-house knowledge base.

Turnkey solutions

We carry out design, permits, construction, construction and subsequent monitoring.

Long-term partner

We are with the customer from beginning to end and we offer maintenance and maintenance management.

Completed jobs

Neiser solar park

Neiser solar park
1.1MW Utilitas PV-plant

1.1MW Utilitas PV-plant
50 kW solar power station for Peetri Keskus

50 kW solar power station for Peetri Keskus
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