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The process of building a solar power station

01. January 2022

The process of building a solar power station

Free-of-charge consultation with specialists of Energiapartner
We will find out what your exact needs are based on the initial contact and feedback. We will carry out the production and return on investment analysis, using the source data to find the optimal solution. Then we will prepare a quote.

Concluding a contract
After we have found the best solution, we will conclude a contract to prepare a project, obtain the required permits, build the power station, carry out surveys, and prepare the documentation to start generating electricity for a network undertaking. In addition to the manufacturer’s guarantees, we always offer two years of all risks insurance to protect against unforeseen events arising from our work.

We help you obtain permits
In order to introduce solar panels, we help to prepare the connection application required by a network undertaking and carry out the design required by a local government.

1–3 days of construction
Most solar panel systems for private customers take 1–3 days to set up. It can take weeks to months for larger solutions for business customers. In addition, we help to organise surveys and obtain permits for a network undertaking and as-built drawings for a local government.

Commissioning of the power station
After concluding a connection agreement with a network undertaking, the inverter can be commissioned and the production of free-of-charge renewable energy can begin. If you consume less energy than you produce, you can conclude a sales contract with a seller of electricity to sell electricity to the grid (preferably at the stock market price). You must submit the renewable energy subsidy application to Elering to receive a subsidy for the renewable energy you have produced and provided to the grid (for PV stations up to 2020).

Maintenance and inspection
We also help during the period of use. Although solar panels require minimal care (preferably you should wash them once a year and remove snow in winter to increase production, if desired), we help to inspect and maintain the system from time to time, if necessary. Contact us to conclude an operation and maintenance contact.

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